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DT Mini Electric Neck Back Massager

LCD Display EMS Neck Stretcher Electric Massager 8 Mode Cervical Massage Patch Pulse Muscle Stimulator Portable Relief Pain


Product name: Electromagnetic Wave Massager
Color: Black/Blue
Package size: 15 * 7 * 2.3 cm
Massager Controller size: 5.7 * 1.8cm
Battery: rechargeable (USB )
Massage Modes: Acupuncture massage, scraping massage, kneading massage, massage, acupressure massage, elbow pressure massage
Massage intensity: 6 levels, adjustable

Package Contents:
Massage Controller*1
Massage patch*1
USB cable*1


DT Mini Electric Neck Back Massager Cervical Massage Patch Relief Pain Portable

$69.00 Regular Price
$39.00Sale Price
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